Supercharged XSGD Yields

What is the additional incentive on Uniswap USDC/xSGD liquidity pool?

Effective from 00:00 UTC on Feb 1 2023 all deposits into the USDC:XSGD Fuel The Market strategy via Dezy will be incentivized with an additional 3% annualized return on funds added to the XSGD side of the pool.

How does this work?

Alongside the base yield you are generating on the strategy, you will now make an additional 3% annualized on all XSGD as well making this amongst if not the most profitable DeFi yield opportunities in the market for XSGD holders.

How will the incentive be calculated?

Let’s use this example to explain how the +3% incentive on XSGD side of the pool will be calculated. For simplicity, let’s say a user deposits $1000 and that amount is split evenly across the USDC and XSGD side of the pool. Users will generate the listed annualized yield on deposit. Additionally, a 3% annualized yield will be added exclusively on the XSGD side of the deposit.

Total Investment into Uniswap USDC/XSGD Pool: $1000

Amount in USDC Pool (A): USDC 500

Amount in xSGD Pool (B): XSGD 658 (~$500 @ $1 = S$1.31)

Annual Return over 1 year (X): 6%

Additional Incentive on XSGD pool (Y): 3%

Annual Yield on USDC pool (AX): USDC 30

Annual Yield on XSGD pool (BX): ~XGSD 40 ($30)

Additional incentive on XSGD pool (BY): ~XSGD 20 ($15)

The total yield earned in 1 year (AX+BX+BY): ~$75

*Actual yields may differ due to swaps and other investments risk

How will the additional yield be paid out?

Rewards for the previous month will be paid out no later than the 15th of the month (i.e. rewards for February will be paid out by March 15).

You can expect to find your additional yield paid out to you as a reward under your Overview Dashboard within the Dezy dApp.

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