Get Started

I am new to Crypto/DeFi. How can I use Dezy?

We serve a wide range of users but Dezy was built specifically with you in mind! DeFi and passive yields should be made easy and accessible for everyone. You can start using Dezy by creating a new wallet through our platform.

  1. Simply click on Connect Wallet / Login and follow the process to create a new wallet using one of the social login options. Alternatively, you can create your own wallet with Metamask or one of the Wallet Connect supported wallets.

  2. You can refer to this section of our FAQ on ways to add funds to your wallet.

  3. Invest funds into the desired strategy.

  4. Start yielding!

What are yield protocols?

DeFi (decentralized finance) yield protocols are smart contracts that allow users to earn a return on their digital assets by providing liquidity to DeFi platforms, lending their crypto assets to borrowers, or participating in other yield-generating activities. These protocols operate on the blockchain (such as Ethereum), and they offer an alternative to traditional financial services by allowing users to earn interest on their digital assets in a decentralized fashion. Some DeFi yield protocols that Dezy has integrated with include Aave, mStable, Uniswap, Ribbon Finance, and so on.

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