What is Builder?

Dezy’s Builder enables users to create transactional flows across multiple protocols and networks via a single interface. Automate and batch borrowing, lending, staking, bridging, swapping and all your go-to DeFi actions, without ever having to code or leave the Dezy Builder environment.

This eliminates the need for toggling between browser tabs, dealing with repetitive transaction approvals, or navigating through various protocol UIs. You can now accomplish all of these on one unified and simple interface.

On top of that, Builder also:

  • Unlocks certain features (i.e. taking out flash loans) that may require smart contract technical knowledge to access.

  • Simplifies the process of discovering protocols and linking different protocol actions efficiently.

  • Supports the sharing of Builder Strategies, and earning fees whenever other users deposit into a strategy that you have created. (more on this below)

How do I create a Builder Strategy?

Creating a Builder Strategy can be summarised into 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Select a protocol or function from the tab on the left.

Step 2: Each protocol or function will be represented in a “block” on the strategy flow. Configure each block and input the required parameters.

Step 3: With every block saved, the “Key Strategy Info” on the right will be updated to provide useful information on the strategy being created.

Don’t worry if you made a mistake or configured a block incorrectly. With every block saved, Dezy will be simulating the action on-chain to ensure it is valid and compatible with the earlier blocks created in the strategy.

Step 4: Publish your strategy! Give your strategy a unique name, a short description, and share your fee collection address (all fees generated from your strategy will be sent to this address).

After publishing, you can immediately locate your Builder Strategies under the “My Strategies” category on the Explore page. You can keep track of all your strategies on your Builder dashboard.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide and specific strategy examples, you can refer to our Medium article here.

What assets and networks are supported for Builder?

Builder is available on Ethereum. All supported ERC-20 assets on the respective integrated protocols are available for selection.

Additional support for L2 networks is on our roadmap.

How is the estimated APY of a Builder Strategy calculated?

APY data are sourced from DefiLlama, an independent third-party platform that aggregates on-chain data. In the unlikely case that a protocol’s APY data is not available on DefiLlama, Dezy will then source it on-chain or pull directly from protocol APIs.

Can I deposit into Builder Strategies that I've created?

Most definitely! You can locate your approved Builder Strategies on Dezy’s Explore page or directly from your Builder dashboard. Clicking into the strategy will bring you to the strategy’s details page where you can make a deposit.

Can Dezy remove the Builder Strategies I've created?

In the unlikely event that protocols are discontinued/paused, Dezy may make previously published Builder Strategies that involve said protocols inactive. This is to prevent users from unnecessarily or mistakenly depositing into them. Users who have already deposited funds will still be able to perform a withdrawal on the Overview page.

Any changes to the status of your Builder Strategies will be updated in real-time on your Builder dashboard, along with an explanation for the change.

How do I share my Builder Strategies?

A unique URL is created for every Builder Strategy published. You can access this URL from your browser’s address bar or use the quick copy function on your Creator Dashboard. Anyone with your Builder Strategy URL is able to make a deposit into it by connecting their wallet on Dezy and investing.

Are there any fees associated with Builder?

Creating and submitting Builder Strategies is completely free apart from the on-chain execution fee or gas fee you pay for your transaction! Dezy charges a multiplier on top of your execution fee which is paid as part of your execution transaction and then shared between Dezy (25%) and you (75%) as the builder of the strategy.

When will I receive my share of the Protocol Fees?

Once a deposit transaction made by a user into your Builder Strategy is confirmed on-chain, you can claim your share of the Protocol Fees on the Creator Dashboard. Under the hood, when a deposit takes place, your share of the fees is sent to a separate FeeCollector contract. When you perform the claim on the Creator dashboard, you are claiming your fees from this contract. This is done to optimise for gas efficiency.

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