Auto Invest

What Is Auto Invest?

Auto Invest by Dezy helps you invest in digital assets without worrying about the market's ups and downs. It uses a Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) strategy to purchase your preferred digital asset at different prices over time. By doing this, you can benefit from purchasing your preferred digital asset at an average price that is lower than if you were to purchase it all at once.

How does Auto Invest work?

When you are ready to create an Auto Invest order, you will be guided through the following 5 steps:

  1. Select your depositing asset - This will be the asset that you are paying to buy your preferred asset. You are essentially swapping the asset selected here into another.

  1. Select your depositing amount - This will be the total amount that you will pay throughout your Auto Invest order.

  1. Select your receiving asset - This will be the asset that you are buying with your deposited asset. The asset selected in Step 1 will be swapped into the receiving asset.

  1. Select your interval and end date - The interval (e.g. weekly) determines how often your depositing asset will be swapped into the receiving asset. The end date determines how many swaps an Auto Invest order will execute. All swaps will be fulfilled before/on the selected end date.

  1. Review - Your Auto Invest order details will be summarised. You can always edit your order at any step before submitting it. In the future, Dezy will be supporting order edits for ongoing orders.

Which assets are supported for Auto Invest?

Dezy currently supports 6 ERC-20 assets for Auto Invest. These assets are popular and commonly used in our investment strategies. They include:

  1. ETH

  2. WBTC

  3. USDC

  4. USDT

  5. DAI

  6. XSGD

You can choose any combination of these assets as your deposit and receiving assets for your Auto Invest orders.

How do I set up my first Auto Invest order?

If Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) is new to you, don't worry! Dezy has a "Beginner Mode" that helps guide you through the process. When creating a new Auto Invest order, simply choose the "Beginner Mode" option and you'll be provided with step-by-step instructions at each stage of the process.

For experienced investors, our "Power User Mode" is available. This mode displays all the required inputs on a single page, providing more advanced information.

When will the scheduled swaps in an Auto Invest order be executed?

Dezy offers 3 swap intervals for Auto Invest orders:

  1. Weekly (every 7 days)

  2. Bi-weekly (every 14 days)

  3. Monthly (every 30 days)

Once you've completed all the necessary steps to set up your Auto Invest order, the first swap date will be displayed on the Review page before you confirm your order. After the first swap, the subsequent swaps will be executed based on the interval you selected.

What are the fees associated with Auto Invest?

Auto Invest has two fees: filler fees and withdrawal fees.

Filler fees incentivize third parties or Dezy to fill Auto Invest orders and are set at a maximum of 1%.

Withdrawal fees are set at 0.5% and are only charged for executed swaps on the receiving asset balance.

Is there a minimum or maximum deposit amount?

There is no minimum or maximum deposit amount for Auto Invest orders. However, larger deposit amounts offer more flexibility in extending the investment horizon

Can I cancel my order before it completes?

Yes, you can cancel your Auto Invest order at any time with no extra charges or penalties by performing a full withdrawal of the order.

When can I withdraw my assets?

You can withdraw your assets anytime, regardless of whether the order is ongoing or completed. You have the option to withdraw the receiving asset only or perform a full withdrawal (depositing and receiving asset).

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